Seaside hideout: England’s Southwold

Seaside hideout: England’s Southwold

Ever wondered why people choose to spend holidays or weekend breaks in England, UK instead of going overseas to the hot mediterranean?

Seaside hideout England Southwold Suffolk Volkswagen Campervan

I can give you a reason. They love their quaint seaside towns – and Southwold in Suffolk is a perfect example.  We took a quick day trip here when we were back in the UK last month.  It was a pleasant day, not too cold, and actually made us remember all of England’s historic charm.

Seaside hideout England Southwold Beach Town

The first thing you see when you drive towards Southwold’s beach is the rainbow of beach huts.  These are traditional, charming and a reminder of a past era.  You can just imagine the gentlemen and ladies of the quirky 1960s using these huts to get ready to brave the cold English seas.

Beach huts in England arrived shortly after World War 1 when English life became a little less prudish, but Southwold’s (in their current form) only date back to the 1960s.  There is something about the line of coloured beach huts that is simply stunning.  In fact, you can purchase one of these wooden hideouts for a mere £50,000.  It does seem extremely overpriced if you consider that you could put down a deposit on a house with this kind of cash, or buy a decent car.  However what you are paying for is a slice of history and this, perhaps, is priceless.

Seaside hideout England Southwold Beach Huts

Shortly after admiring the beach huts we found ourselves at the beginning of Southwold’s pier.  The pier has been fully re-developed and is said to be Britain’s only 21st Century pier.  It is not hard to see why it’s so well loved.  There are so many interesting elements to this pier – the originality took me by surprise.  I just expected it to be like all other piers, but it is not.  It is like the original pier’s hipster sister.

Seaside hideout England Southwold Suffolk Pier

Some of its features include:

  • The Under the Pier Show
  • The Water Clock
  • The Wacky Wall of Mirrors
  • The Quantum Tunneling Telescope

I’ll leave some of this to the imagination but I absolutely have to mention the Under the Pier show.  This is a room full of home-made coin-operated games.  You can walk a dog with the Rent-a-Dog or use your strength to awaken Frankenstein.  These are some really crafty, creative machines- nothing like the arcades you are used to. I fully recommend popping your head through the door into this wacky world of originality.

After the pier, you can go for a lovely walk to the lighthouse in the centre of town.  Try buying some yummy cheese or a crispy pork pie from The Black Olive – a delicatessen that always has a line-up.  We queued up for over fifteen minutes and didn’t even get to the counter.  It’ll be worth it if you can last the wait though!

There are other boutique shops and cafes that line Southwold’s streets.  I loved taking a peek in the  Buckenham Galleries.  Finally, we ended our visit with a refreshing Adnams beer from The Crown.  The Crown also offers accommodation if you’re thinking of staying the night.  They also have a nice little back bar which is perfect for winding down after a day of exploring…

Here’s a picture of us having fun on the Pier.  If you want to have as much fun as we’re having then you know where to go.

On this day trip I learnt that it’s places like these that make me realize how GREAT England can be.  Would you agree?

Seaside hideout England Southwold Pier Suffolk


Note: As always, photos for this post are taken by Leo – I would just like to thank him for this beautiful collection.  I encourage everyone to check out his Instagram and website if you’re interested in his work. 

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