About our travel blog

Hi, I’m Hannah & this blog will follow the adventures of my partner Leo and I as we continue to travel the world.

We’ve both been travelling for 3 years + now and thought it was about time we shared our travel adventures with everyone as we intend to keep going.  Hannah writes;  Leo takes the photos – that’s generally how things work around here.

We met in New Zealand in November 2013 (a funny story, maybe for later) and found out we were both from neighbouring towns in England.  Obviously we had so much in common that from that day onwards we were pretty much inseparable.  We stayed in New Zealand till May 2015, then jumped across to Australia.  After loving the Australian way of life, we regretfully left in December 2016 and now have found ourselves in Canada, ready for a new adventure.

I (Hannah) will mainly run this site due to my willingness to write (Leo hates it), but also because I have been meaning to start a travel blog for ages.  And, well, it just hasn’t happened.  But now it has.

Leo’s trained in photography so his photos will mainly feature on this site.  Check out his professional website here, we’d love it if you did:  Leo Cox

We’re a fun, creative couple who are learning more about ourselves through travel.  See our bucketlist and/or destination pages to see where we’ve been, where we want to go and what’s been our favourites so far!
We hope to see you somewhere soon…

The name of our blog:

It took us a while to come up with a name for this site.  For creative people, thinking up a ‘creative’ name was a bit of a disaster.  It was only as I was playing around with some words that I realised: what do we say to people when we leave for a new adventure?

See you later, see you somewhere sometime, see you around the world, see you in a year, see you when we see you


As we meet people from across the globe, we are constantly saying goodbyes.  We say goodbye to family, friends, new travellers.  We chose the phrase ‘See you somewhere’ because it is ambiguous enough to mean hello and goodbye.

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